Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This piece, titled "Bohemian Burst" was sold at the ASRS at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in 2008. I absolutely love dahlias and especially like the possibility of incorporating my love of photography into my pieces. This piece was purchased by the law firm, Boyne Clarke, in Dartmouth. Actually, how I found this out, is quite interesting. Boyne Clarke occupies several floors in their office building and one day I was visiting my lawyer on the 7th floor. As I was leaving and taking the elevator, the elevator doors opened on the 6th floor. My mind was elsewhere, but I just happened to glance at the walls behind the receptionist and I couldn't believe it......there on the wall was not one of my paintings.........but two~~! My lawyer had purchased the two pieces for the reception area and hadn't made the connection that the artist was one of their clients. I couldn't thank them enough for their support.


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